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  Insure your Vehicle

What ever your vehicle Insurance Central covers all of your vehicle insurance needs, from Car Insurance to Boat / Marine Insurance, even your aeroplane!
General Car / Motor Insurance cover, third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive policy Companies can be found here. Along with additional cover for windscreen and legal expenses etc.
There are motor insurance Companies that have specialised policies to cover classic cars. You can benefit from concessions for lower mileage too. Use for club events, competitions, rallies and trials are also covered in most classic car insurance policies.
If you are finding it hard to insure your car due to it's specifications, then try this section. Here we cover young car drivers, female, senior and convicted drivers cover. With insurance for motorcars like Kit, American, sports/high performance and modified vehicles. Japanese imported cars are also covered and even your vehicle warranty!
If your vehicle is not covered by general motor or van insurance then try this section. Virtually every commercial vehicle is covered here including mini buses, haulage, truck, self-drive, coaches and fleet vehicles to name a few. We have covered Van insurance separately.

At Insurance Central we have decided, for your convenience to dedicate a section specifically for Van Insurance. This usually covers trade vehicles up to a tonnage limit of 3.5 tonnes. Multi user policies and cover for couriers can be found here.

Cover can be found here to insure black cabs private hire, public hire and contract hire taxis along with the low quote available to the majority of the professional taxi operators. Although mini bus insurance can be found among these Companies we have a more comprehensive selection in our commercial vehicle insurance section.

Whatever the motorcycle from sport bikes, cruisers and touring bikes ( Scooters and mopeds are covered too ) or the rider, you can find the right motorcycle insurance here at Insurance Central. There are also Companies that insure classic bikes as well, offering discounts for club membership.
When car or caravan insurance does not cover your motorhome / motorcaravan do not despair. At Insurance Central we have select brokers that provide special insurance cover to suit your needs. Your gas bottles and portable generators can be covered too.
Both static and touring caravans can be insured. Don't forget you can also insure against loss of or damage to awnings, toilet, tents, fixtures and fittings. Before you go on your holiday make sure you take out your caravan insurance.
Cover yourself for that unexpected breakdown, both in the UK and Europe. Breakdown Insurance can also cover your trailer and caravan. Emergency overnight accommodation can be part of the package as well as key replacement.
Insure private single, corporate twin or flying club fleet aeroplanes (including helicopters). Also aeroengine repairs and cover for airside risks. Most Aviation Traders requirements are covered here.
Yachts, cruisers, powerboats, sportsboats, RIBs and classic craft are covered. Some cover also includes marina damage and water skiing liability. Your marine craft can be covered in UK, the Republic of Ireland, European and Mediterranean Waters.

  Home Insurance

Home Insurance cover on Insurance Central to protect your home and it's contents.
Protect your home and it's contents if the worst should happen.
Protect the roof over your head in the event of the unthinkable.
Protect your home and it's contents if the worst should happen.
Protect your sanctuary with holiday home insurance.
Students, protect your home and it's contents against damage.
Protect your sanctuary with holiday home insurance.

  Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance cover on Insurance Central, after saving up for a much needed break make sure you are protected against anything going wrong.
Cover for you and your family whilst on holiday. Single, Multi Trip..the choice is yours.
For the more adventurous, we list a selection of companies offering ski, snowboarding etc. insurance.

  Insure Your Life

Life Insurance cover on Insurance Central for you and those close to you . . . all your requirements
taken care of.
Make sure to look after those close to you should the unexpected happen.
Should the unthinkable happen make sure that financial worries don't add to your problems.
A Life Insurance policy that provides protection only for a specified period of time. Common policy period would be one year, five years, 10 years, or until the insured reaches age 65 or 70.
Insurance policy that may be kept in force for a person's whole life and which pays a benefit upon his death.

  Insure Your Health

Health Insurance cover on Insurance Central, look after yourself and those close to you should illness arise...
Medical care for you and yours should illness occur. No need to worry about waiting lists.
Get superior health care for both you and your family should ill health occur.
Spread the cost of private dental treatment, no more searching for NHS dentists.

  Insure your Animals

Animal Insurance cover on Insurance Central for your pet or horse.
Farmers, livestock can also be covered . . .
Insure your pet against ongoing illnesses and injuries for life. Veterinary fees can be very expensive but for a few pounds per month you can cover your cat, dog or even ferret.
Choose from specialist services for higher value competition horses offering a range of cover options or just your daughter's pony. There are also equine policies that cover riders who do not have their own horse too. Stables and yards are also covered.
Livestock insurance for all types of livestock, including horses and cattle. Cover against major medical expenses like surgery. Theft can also be covered and special liability to cover shows.

  Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance cover on Insurance Central protection for your business.
Don't let inadequate commercial property insurance be the ruin your business.
Protect against legal liability and associated defence costs arising out of errors or omissions on the part of the business.
Virtually every commercial vehicle insurance is listed here including mini buses, haulage and trucks etc.
If you are in business then make sure you are adequately protected.

  Protection Insurance

Protection Insurance cover on Insurance Central, protect your loved ones and your lifestyle when the unpredictable happens.
Make sure that you can meet your mortgage repayments in the event of ill health or a job loss.
If you have ongoing credit then make sure the repayments are met should you lose you job or suffer illness.
If you should become unemployed then this protection insurance will give you a regular income.
If the unexpected should happen make sure you are financially covered.

  Specialised Insurance

Specialised Insurance cover on Insurance Central, we have put together a selection of
specialist insurance options.
Make sure that your bicycles are covered against accident or theft.
Golf equipment is valuable, so make sure it is fully covered.
Insure your computer or laptop, digital cameras are covered here too.
If the unexpected should happen make sure you are financially covered.
Protect your treasures, make sure you can afford to replace them if the worst happens.
It is all to easy to leave your mobile phone somewhere or for it to be stolen, protect your mobile now.
From being kidnapped to floods! Insurance for the seriously unexpected.
Musical instruments can easily be damaged in transit, make sure you can replace them if the worst happens.
Make sure that if your big day doesn't go to plan that you won't be out of pocket as well!
Make sure that your valuable musical equipment is insured.
Insure your expensive camera from being stolen.
Students, insure your belongings even while you are on campus.

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